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Message from Altınordu FK President Seyit Mehmet Özkan to global football family

The Message of the President


Life directions from father

His father, Kenan Master, started his business life by establishing a mini steel mill with his three friends in 1953. Kenan Master, who couldn’t study at university and suffered from this throughout his business life; wanted his eldest son to have a good education and to be an example to his brothers. He didn’t want that his elder son Mehmet to become a football player who loves football very much and plays well. In this direction, he said these words to his son "They always beat me with this pen, you will learn this pen", and insisted on his university education.

His life

Seyit Mehmet Özkan graduated from Middle East Technical University in 1979 which is one the best universities of Turkey. He started to work in their own businesses since he was 20; developed their business with the good education of their siblings and their involvement in the business and is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of family company Özkan Demir Çelik Co. which produces skilled steels. He has been married for 38 years and has no children.

His devotion

Adding to his childhood "not being a football player" unfullfilled desire; he also decided to devote his life to children since he was 50 years old. In this purpose, he decided to establish a production unit in "player development", which no one can take hand in his country. Turkish football sector is based on transferring players from abroad. No one focuses for long-term and process-oriented work.Turkiye's population is 83 million and 30 million of the population is under 18 years old. Turkiye has a great potential for having youth population.

His own words football community

“Football is included in the entertainment industry. Football is a game for those watching in the stands or on TV. However, it is a profession for football players. The football profession is tough. It is based on both mental and physical strength. Both abilities must be strong. If one of them is missing, no success will come. Football includes uphill struggle that the performance of the whole week is squeezed into a short time period as 90 minutes. Football is a “team” game. Success requires team harmony, focusing to goal, cooperation, solidarity, sharing and socialization.

In order for a young person to be a “Good Player”, it is essential that the player be at peace with himself which means being a “Good Person”, and then at peace with society, which means being a “Good Citizen”. If a young person, between the ages of 20-22, demonstrate his/her talents and perform successfully in a stadium, watched by 30.000 people, his/her awareness must be advanced. When we put all these side by side, the resulting formula of “Success” passes through total quality”.

Good Person, Good Citizen, Good Player

The academy’s main motto is to educate & develop the players to be ‘‘Good Person, Good Citizen, Good Player’’. According to Seyit Mehmet Özkan’s experience from the steel industry, the way to do a job well is through total quality and professional awareness.


Seyit Mehmet Özkan established his first football academy in 2007, bought Altınordu FK in 2012, from the city where he was born and played in 4th league. Altınordu FK Senior Team promoted to two leagues above in two years. The club has been playing in 2nd division since 2014. He opened Altınordu Football Academy in 2015.

In our academy, team training in one day and team training and special training in other day are applied. In our off-field work, Team Analysis, Individual Analysis, Sports Nutrition, Physical Health, English, World Football History, Personality Development and Social Media Usage lectures are given to the players.

Our youth players take 3.000 calories for younger ages, 4.000 calories for middle ages and 5.000 calories for older ages. In our academy campus, where 100 players stay full-time, our players work also for "Contribution to Common Life”.

Seyit Mehmet Özkan knows the potential of the youth population of Turkey and he took the road for making sports to the children of the country as a social responsibility; having set out to popularize the sports and ensuring that they contribute to the sportive individuals. Opening football schools in 156 different places across the country, it has enabled more than 10.000 children to contribute in sports. Naturally talented players are selected from among these children and start their football profession training full time at the Academy from the age of 13. Academy training is free. Youth players get Basic Football Training at the age of 13, 14 and 15, and Performance Football Training at the age of 16, 17 and 18. Then, they graduate from the academy at the end of 19. The most successful ones are selected to the Senior Team, while the successful ones go to our B Team.

There are 5 standard size and 3 mini football fields in the academy which is established over 80 acres of land. The academy has also “Ball Technique Development Systems and Athletic Performance Track”. The Advanced Level Performance Football Training process started in 2020.

“Your skills brought you here and your character will keep you here”

At the entrance to the academy, the above words will welcome visitors. Football is the game of people who never give up, ambitious, durable and hungry for success.

Contribution to Common Life - Understanding Nature & Animals

This philosophy includes working in the:

  • “Organic Agriculture Area” > We grow various variety of vegetables..
  • “Animal Husbandry Area” > We have cows, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, peacocks, pheasants and one pony horse..
  • “Kitchen” > To know cooking is important for an individual..

The aim is to develop this awareness in our players who are mostly grown up in the urban areas and to teach them:

  • How vegetables are grown
  • How milk is being produced
  • How food is cooked

Why we only play with Turkish players

We don’t play with foreign football players in our Senior Team. Because we need to give the playing chance to our youth players, who are raised from our academy. Our home-grown players can overcome their rookie period only by playing in many of official matches. We are aiming to promote Turkish Super League in 2025, in the last year of the second 7-year plan. In this process, we aim to increase the ratio of home-grown playing time to %70, which is currently 40% in our Senior Team. Until now, we haven’t set a goal to promote to the top division. Because our primary goal is "Player Development". Competition comes after. At the end of the second 7-year plan, after Advanced Performance Football training process, it is our biggest dream to play with our home-grown players in Turkish Super League. Total 45 coaches are working in Altınordu FK.

Goals of “Home Grown” players

The first goal of all our players who are in our academy is to play in Altınordu FK Senior Team. The plan for our home-grown players is to stay in our Senior Team maximum three seasons. Our home-grown players, who have successfully completed their rookie period in our Senior Team, primarily aim to continue their football career in Europe's "Big Five" leagues.

Home-Grown Diamonds

We are very proud to develop & exported 2 players to English Premier League (both Turkish Senior National Team players) in the first 5-year period:

  • Çağlar Söyüncü - 1996 (Leicester City)
  • Cengiz Ünder - 1997 (Roma player currently on loan to Leicester City)
  • Barış Alıcı - 1997 (Fenerbahçe player currently on loan to KVC Westerlo)
  • Berke Özer - 2000 (Fenerbahçe player currently on loan to KVC Westerlo)

The football stars we raised from our 2007-2012 seasons:

  • Salih Uçan - 1994 (Alanyaspor)
  • Taylan Antalyalı - 1995 (Galatasaray)

In the first 5-years period, our 58 players has been selected to Turkish Youth Nationals Teams between U14 – U19 levels.

Altınordu FK Principals

  • Altınordu FK is about educating & developing the players to be ‘‘Good Person, Good Citizen, Good Player’’
  • Altınordu FK is not an ordinary football club
  • Altınordu FK is a football and life education institution
  • Altınordu FK can’t be described but only experienced
  • Altınordu FK is not virtual, it is real. It is tangible, visible and touchable
  • Altınordu FK is not artificial, it is natural, it is on side of nature. It loves, looks after and feeds human beings, animals, soil, trees, and flowers
  • Altınordu FK is movement and hyper activity
  • Altınordu FK is tempo and enthusiasm
  • Altınordu FK is firsly “Human”, then “Sports”
  • Altınordu FK is a passion