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New data shows Altınordu FK is a talent factory for Turkish National Teams!



Altınordu FK’s Football Academy (ALFA) has published yet another crucial research, which is relevant for all talent-developer clubs in the world and Turkish football.

Titled "The prevalence of Altınordu FK players in Turkish youth national teams", the research aimed to find the number of Altınordu players in Turkish youth national team squads. Starting from 2017, all youth national football teams of Turkey, from U14 to U21, were examined.

Since 1st of January 2017, Turkish youth national teams have played 294 games in total:

U14 - 8 times

U15 - 34 times

U16 - 56 times

U17 - 72 times

U18 - 46 times

U19 - 44 times

U20 - 6 times

U21 – 28 times 

In these games 4.116 players were in the squads of the national teams and had the chance of playing for Turkey. Among these 4.116 players 895 were Altınordu players, representing %21,7 of the youth national teams of Turkey.

This means that one of every five players in the Turkish youth national team squads in this period were Altınordu FK players!

This is another testament to the talent-development profession of Altınordu FK and a proof of the efficiency of its methods.

Our club continues to be the talent factory of Turkish national teams and all professional football. 

(This ALFA study was conducted by Altınordu Team Management, led by Director of International Relations Aydın Güvenir and Head of IT Department Uğur Atik)