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Special lecture on the new game rules for the First Team



The lecture to convey the changing game rules of the 2021/2022 season was held at our Beytullah Baliç Campus.

The lecture was given by the Central Referee Board National Trainer Sebahattin Şahin with the participation of our First Team players and the technical team.

On top of the 56 rule changes made last season, 3 main topics that improved the existing rules this season drew attention.

1. From 2021/2022, the following are no longer a handball violation:

* Scoring a goal after a teammate plays with hand accidentally.
* Creating a chance to score after accidental hand play.

2. For the purpose of determining hand-ball violations, the upper limit of the arm is considered the lower level of the armpit area. This change should also be taken into account when determining offside violations, as goals can also be scored with this part. The important point is that the lower level of the armpit area is not the same as the arm length of the players' jerseys. In an offside call, the upper limit of the arm is considered as the level of the armpit area.

3. If the goalkeeper 'lifts' the ball with his foot during a goal kick or free kick and a team-mate returns the ball with the head or chest for the goalkeeper to catch, the goalkeeper is penalized for exploiting the rules of the game. The goalkeeper is shown a Yellow Card and an Indirect Free Kick is awarded. 

We would like to thank Central Referee Board Lecturer Sebahattin Şahin, who conveyed all the details of the developments and changes regarding the game rules of the new season to our team.

We wish success to all the teams in our league and the entire football community.