Altınordu is not an ordinary football club. Altınordu is a football and life education organization.




Altınordu Football Schools are the basis of Altınordu FK organization. Besides basic football education in football schools, in accordance with the motto of the club, a great care is taken for players to be good characters.  

Approximately 10.000 Youth players are taken basic football education in 156 football schools where are located at 37 different cities in Türkiye. These numbers prove that Altınordu FK has Türkiye’s biggest football schools organization.  

Youth players are accepted to the football schools starting from 6 and take football education until 13 years old.  

Players in football schools, starting from the center of Izmir, spread throughout the Aegean Region and the country, are trained by experienced coaches.  

The development and progress of these approx. 10.000 Youth players are continously followed and the most successful ones join to Altınordu Football Academy (ALFA) starting from 13 years old.  

U13 and U14 team squads of ALFA consist totally from Altınordu Football Schools players.  

Besides, players’ development are followed from more coaches in football tournaments which are held periodically at İsmet Orhunbilge Facilities in each year. These tournaments also allow Youth players to play more number of matches with much high difficulty.

* 39 different cities
* 156 football schools
* 10.000 Youth players
* From 6, until 13 years old.