Altınordu is not an ordinary football club. Altınordu is a football and life education organization.


Altınordu Football Academy (ALFA) is one of the most important and modern football academies of Europe. In ALFA, which is located over 80 acres of land, all trainings are recorded and all datas are saved.

Body-mass indexes of academy players are measured regularly and individual player nutrition programs are applied.

Performance data are recorded, developmental parts are identified. Then, personalized training and development programs are adapted to the players.

All training sessions are recorded and a rapid improvement is achieved through to the visual communication established with the players.

All datas are saved for development of controlling the ball against different speed of passes, shoot speed and shooting percentage with Passense system which exists only at Altınordu FK in Türkiye. Passense system is open for usage of youth players between 16 and 19 ages.

Youth players between 13 and 15 ages practice for improving their pass and shoot percentage at HIT-IT system which is used for ball technique development and all data are recorded as well. The datas of youth GKs, who work in reflex improvement machine, are also saved

All players’ datas are instantly taken with match and tranining analysis programs. Comparative analysises are also made and all these datas are evaluated from expert coaches.

There are two standard, four artificial football fields at ALFA. Addition to these; GK training area, forward training area, indoor football and athletic performance track also exist.