Altınordu is not an ordinary football club. Altınordu is a football and life education organization.



The facilities host central football schools, located in Yeşilyurt, İzmir, and selected players from all Altınordu FK football schools. The facilities has been named as Sait Altınordu, one of the most important players of the club’s history. There are 11 different football fields in the facilities with 20m*13m, 30m*20m, 40m*25m, 40m*30m and 50m*30m sizes. These football fields are used by over 1.500 football schools player in each day.

All football fields are covered with natural granules obtained from cocoa tree bark, in line with our mission to protect children's health.

In the facilities, there is one indoor football with 30m*20m sizes, gym and two technical improvement training system and visual hall with 65 person capacity.

Football schools education is started at Sait Altınordu Facilities when children are 6 years old. Every child takes in-field training such as speed, durability, strength, adaption, and quickness, which are the universal values ​​of football, as well as personality development training such as cooperation, sharing and team awareness.

The official store of Altınordu FK is also located at Sait Altınordu Facilities.